Mic Match PRO

Microphone input
Locking XLR with 18V phantom power. Push clip to unplug.

9V DC IN/OUT from either socket. 9V DC OUT up to 5 pedals.

9V DC IN/OUT from either socket. 9V DC OUT up to 5 pedals.

Standard 1/4’’ jack.

Use the switch to mute. LED will indicate activation.

Use the switch for set boost level. LED will indicate activation.

Level control (0-9dB)
Important to set the sound system to accept your chosen maximum boost level.

Mic Match PRO Marzipan

Professional Microphone Preamp

  • Phantom Power (18V)
  • Power Supply (9V OUT)
  • Converter (XLR to Jack)
  • Boost (with level control)
  • Mute Switch



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Mic Match PRO

Match up you favourite instrument microphone and pedal effects, or to a DI, to use the full range of effects but keeping the original sound of your instrument. With 18V phantom power it can be used by condenser mics and most dynamic mics** It has 1/4” Jack to Jack signal throughput to pedal effects, an adjustable volume boost foot-switch and a mute foot-switch. With just one 9V power unit (not supplied) Mic Match Pro can power up to five pedal effects with external distribution cable (not supplied).

**Most dynamic microphones will not be damaged by phantom power. If in doubt check with the manufacturers recommendations.

Kit includes: Preamp, 8cm (3.15 inch) of 3M velcro tape, Pouch, Sticker and Manual.