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Professional Microphone Preamp

Mic Match PRO

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Professional Microphone Preamp

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We are delighted to introduce to you our new Machinery DI box. Designed and constructed especially for acoustic musicians and with its range of features it fits everything you need on stage into one great box. Connected with our Mic Match Pro you will have a unique set-up to use your microphone with total control.



I have been loving my Mic Match Pro and an looking forward to a full season of playing out with it.

  • Owen Grooms

The Mic Match Pro by Mr. Preamp is perfect for acoustic instrumentalists that want to stretch out and get funky with effects while also maintaining the original tone of their instrument. I’ve had zero feedback issues with the Mic Match and have played in bands that are all plugged in with the monitors turned up loud. I keep my pickup on my banjo as a backup but I haven’t had to use it. Also, the size of the DI is great. I truly think this is a unique product and I’m amazed that it wasn’t thought of before by one of the big manufacturers. Keep up the good work, Mr. Preamp!

  • Bennett Sullivan

I love the Mic Match Pro especially with my DPA mini mic, Flint Rev/Vibrato into my Baggs ParaDi/EQ.

  • Mark Collins

Mic Match Pro jsem si vyzkoušel a je super. Dělá přesně co má, zvuk je čistý, zesílení přirozené a dostatečně hlasité. Balení je moc hezké.

  • Tomáš Pošva

I’ve been really enjoying the Mic Match Pro. I play a lot of fiddle and bouzouki and now I’m a little bit more adventurous with working with pedals. I use a DPA mic which requires phantom power and I can now, with the simple, effective use of the Mic Match Pro use my favorite Microphone/Pedals and Preamps. It has made life a lot easier for me and is worth every penny!

  • Cathal Ó Curráin

Who is MR.Preamp?

Hello Acoustic musicians! My name is Richard and I am so happy after 10 years since we introduced the very first prototype of Mic Match, to now introduce to you Mr. Preamp. He have the heart of an innovator and making attractive and practical products for acoustic musicians and singers. We put together a great team of professionals included electronics engineer and others which help him find successful way.

I believe Mr. Preamp was born to help acoustic musicians and with your help and support we can present him and his innovative ideas and products to everyone. Check our products and activities and don’t forget to try Mic Match your smallest microphone preamp and let us know your opinion.

  • Richard Ciferský - Founder & CEO

We will keep you updated


    We will keep you updated